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Often when students begin studying voice, I find that they are behind when it comes to reading music and essential piano skills. For any serious vocal student, these skills are absolutely necessary....It is so much easier to progress as a vocalist when you are able to read the notes you are singing, and play your vocal line on a keyboard! 


The Power Lesson acts as a traditional 45 minute lesson, but with a new approach.   This unique lesson model acts as 3 lessons in one, ensuring that each student excels in musical understanding, piano essentials, and vocal technique....helping them to be a better musician all around!

The Power Lesson is beneficial for those who would like to study voice who have not had any (or only minimal) previous piano training, piano students who would like to study voice, or pianists who are interested in learning to accompany, and would like to learn how the voice works!


-Breathing technique

-Audition Skills

-Vocal Projection

-Expanding Vocal Range

-Story telling through song


-Exemplary Musicianship

-Music Reading Abilities

-Accompanying Abilities

-Improved Aural Skills

-Ease in Learning Music

The Power Lesson

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